Konak mikan is reconized as favorite bohemian house with long tradition and feeling for Serbian hospitality.In the newly built pedestrian area of Belgrade, surrounded by beautiful old buildings, the Konak leaves the impression of a bohemian shelter and proudly...

Konak Mikan Belgrade


Mikan restaurant has been synonym for traditional Serbian kitchen for three decades. In downtown, in pedestrian street which is recognized by cozy and intimate atmosphere of Serbian domestic house, Mikan Restaurant attracts guests who value long-term...

Restoran Mikan Belgrade


Mikan Inn has five comfortable rooms, with pleasant and spacious interior. All rooms are hotel-type. We have the single, double and triple rooms available. All rooms are equipped with private bathroom, air conditioning, cable TV and wireless internet connection.

Sobe Mikan Belgrade


In our facility you can also pay extra 350 rsd for breakfast, lunch or dinner at a price of 450-490 rsd. In agreement with our staff choose one of our menu that suits your taste. The restaurant is at the disposal of 10-23pm. With an additional charge you can have and transportation from the airport or station to our Residence. We have available parking place for motorcycles and bicycles.


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